Nineteen Wines, and What Do You Get? Three 97-pointers, & an Average Score of 93.5!

This post is all about the remarkable reviews Ridge just received from Antonio Galloni. To see all the scores and commentary, please click here.



It is, I must say, a pretty remarkable compendium of accolades.

Just a few short years ago, Antonio Galloni came out of what seemed like nowhere, to suddenly be crowned heir apparent to the high throne of wine. Meaning, none other than Robert Parker himself handed the reigns over, charging the young Antonio with assuming a position of stunning influence and impact.

The wine world buzzed, to say the least, particularly here in California, as Mr. Galloni had been specifically tasked with covering California. Who was he, what kind of taster was he, and what would he mean for California?

All these questions were in my mind when I first met and hosted him. My impressions? Antonio Galloni was, above all else, a very serious taster. Meticulous, with a laser-point intensity. Well-prepared before, omnivorous while present, precise in the aftermath. Mr. Galloni was deadly serious, and went in for no fuss. I was extremely impressed with his intensity, his focus, and his professionalism.

But would he understand Ridge? We didn’t know at the time. No one did.

Fortunately for us, Mr. Galloni has emerged as a great fan of Ridge. And more than that, he has spoken out as an ardent believer in our appellation, going so far as to write the following: “There is no doubt in my mind the Santa Cruz Mountains is the greatest and most overlooked terroir in the United States. Period.”

Mr. Galloni’s last couple of years have been somewhat remarkable to say the least, and his time in the spotlight has been both wonderful (in that, for an individual in his position, under such scrutiny and pressure, and with such intense expectation, he has by and large earned the full respect of the industry at large), and controversial (his recent court battles with The Wine Advocate being the most obvious example). Fortunately, he has emerged from it all unscathed, and continues to do what he does best, review wine.

And now, a new set of reviews! For Ridge, an astonishing report. Nineteen wines reviewed, every one of them receiving 90 points or more. Three wines receiving 97 point scores, and an overall average of 93.5.

We couldn’t be happier!

Except that, regrettably, some of these wines are already sold out.

But a great many of them are going to be released this Fall! So, consider attending our Fall Release Events if you wish to be among the first to try these highly regarded (and now highly anticipated!) offerings:

Fall Release – Monte Bello

Fall Release – Lytton Springs

Best of all, many of these wines are available right now! Among them:

2000 Monte Bello (95 points, available on our Library Wine Page. For more about Library Wines from Ridge, please click here.)

2011 Geyserville (94 points, available here.)

2010 Estate Cabernet (92 points, available here.)

If you’re a member of our Monte Bello Collector Program, you’re right now probably receiving the best news of all. That 2010 Monte Bello you just received in the spring? 97 points!!! And the 2012 that you just tasted at our Monte Bello Collector Assemblage events? Mr. Galloni tried a barrel sample while here on his visit. His rating? 95-97 points!


For those of you not aware, Antonio Galloni is now writing for his own publication, Vinous Media. You can find him here.

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