To Witness The Birth Of A Vineyard …

High atop the ridge, near the very peak of the mountain, lies a patch of land that has lain fallow lo these past seven years, kept company only by a lone tree on hill.


Patient, serene, in solitude; the land has weathered weather, tempered time, beget a dreamscape slow to grow, but swift to hold its patient dreamers in the quiet of its gentle flows and rolls …


That lone tree on a hill –grandfather clock deep in the hallways of the mountain– finally tolled its birthing bell and called the day, and with those seven years behind it, what was once called North Twin Peaks sprung up to new life with the first sounds of a shovel meeting soil …


To think of the history to come! At 2663 feet, in a single day, the astonishing Monte Bello Team put nearly 1400 vines in the ground, and there’ll be 2600 more down before they’re through…


We speak of 100-year-old vines; what will the world hold for these beauties in the year 2113?

If you’re never seen a vineyard come to be, I invite you to witness the birth of a vineyard …

To learn more about our plantings, please enjoy a virtual tour of our estate vineyards here.

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