Rare & Elusive Wine To Be Visible @ July First Friday. Reports of Deliciousness Abound!

Every once in a while, we pull a rabbit out of the hat.

This wine, is that hat.


Some of you may know it; possibly by direct experience, most only by rumor.


It’s a summer wine, so if you’ve had a sighting, it may have been under the sun.

But it’s no simple sipper.

It’s got groove, it’s got meaning.

And it’s hungry. It wants food.


Kathy Martinich & Ingrid Hagerstrom (Skillet Artists extraordinaire!) make food. Very good food.

2005 Home Ranch Chardonnay? Meet Kathy & Ingrid. Kathy & Ingrid? Meet the 2005 Home Ranch Chardonnay.


Meet July First Friday.

Eventbrite - First Friday at Monte Bello - July 2013


A deceptively simple dish that in fact offers a beguiling set of complexities; and a dish that is orchestrated and crafted to meet and match the full spectrum of flavor components on offer in this wine. At the heart of the pairing is the wine itself, the 2005 Ridge Vineyards Home Ranch Chardonnay. One of the most viscous, full-bodied, fleshy and warm chardonnays ever produced from the mountain, this is a wine that demands depth, strength, and richness from a culinary companion, and it finds it in Red Hawk, a washed rind offering from Cowgirl Creamery that is positively legendary for its decadent pungency, its briny and piquant aromatics, and its triple cream intensity. Served on a house-made whole-wheat-&-toasted-sesame cracker that affords the pairing a grounding note to stave off any overt sweetness, the cheese is then fully harmonized via the addition of drizzled orange-flower honey from Meeks in Soquel (Santa Cruz County) that marries with the wine to provide a lovely floral backdrop before which the cheese & wine can interlace their counterbalancing potencies.





This is what Kathy & Ingrid developed to serve with the 2005 Home Ranch Chardonnay, for our members and their guests, at our July First Friday event here at Monte Bello.




And as Devo once sung, that’s good.


Ridge Vineyards welcomes members and their guests to join us in celebrating the July edition of First Friday at Monte Bello on Friday, July 5th. This is going to be one of those extra-special First Fridays, because we’ve got a real treat queued up for everybody; the wonderful culinary team that is Kathy Martinich & Ingrid Hagerstrom has crafted a delicious nibble to perfectly pair with a wine we very, very rarely have the opportunity to showcase: the 2005 Home Ranch Chardonnay! So please join us as we enjoy a great summer pairing at a great summer event. Plus, expect a two-vintage zinfandel vertical as well; can you guess which wine will be coming from the library? Come find out on the 5th!


For more about First Friday, please click here.

And to see our full Event Calendar, please click here.

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4 replies

  1. Wish we could be there! Missing it by only a day this trip…

  2. Like I would miss it…Dig!

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