Things To Do On Summer Solstice

It’s the longest day of the year, and what should one do?

Me, I got married! I got married four years ago today. For many, many, many wonderful reasons, of course, but as but one example; what better way to make the best day of your life last as long as possible, than to have it occur on the Summer Solstice?

That’s a pretty good thing to do, to get married on the summer solstice. It was a great thing for me. It was, in fact, the greatest thing!

But that may be a bit dramatic for some, particularly if you’re just now spontaneously deciding how to spend this lovely and long summer day.


Need help? I can help.

You could sleep in. Why not? It’s a longer day. In fact, it’s the longest day! You’ve got time.

Or you could wake UP early, but then stay in bed LONGER! You could read!

For example, you could read The Drinks Business. That sounds like a nice thing to read about on the morning of the longest day of the year. Drinks.

You could read, for example, a recent profile of our very own Paul Draper, in The Drinks Business. You could read it right here. It’s all about Non-Interventionist Winemaking. It’s a great morning read.

Don’t want to spend your day reading about drinks? Then get up and have one!

I don’t mean that to sound quite so brazen. I don’t mean to suggest you should get up and have a shot of rye.

What I do mean to suggest, is that you might want to get up and make a mushroom and avocado omelet, and have it with a glass of champys, served in a coupe glass.

That’s a nice way to start a solstice morning.

We had champys on my wedding day. The kind folks at K & L arranged a case of my favorite Cava for me, and it was given pride of place in the bridal suite, as it were. Right next to the magnums of 2002 Ridge Vineyards Home Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon.

Now that’s a nice way to spend the Summer Solstice. I’m just saying.

Anyhow, so now you’re up, you’ve done some reading, you’ve had an outstanding breakfast, and it’s the Summer Solstice, so guess what? You’ve got nothing but time on your hands! This day is going to last FOREVER!

Obviously, it’s time to get outside.

Perhaps a stroll?

Perhaps a stroll amongst beautiful 100-year-old vines. Lytton Springs has those. And Lytton Springs is open today. They’re open on the Summer Solstice. And they’re in Sonoma, which is beautiful in the summer. And today is the summer. And today is the Summer Solstice. And this day is going to last FOREVER! Go to Lytton Springs.

Lytton Springs, in the beautiful distance

Lytton Springs, in the beautiful distance


Are you in love? Today is a good day to be in love. Love lasts a long time on the solstice. It’s a long day, you’re in love today, love lingers long on love day. Love lingers long on the solstice.

Not yet in love?

Perhaps you should fall in love. Want to fall in love? Consider wine. Wine brings people together.

It brought President Obama and President Jinping together. The 2008 Geyserville did that. You can read all about it right here. Not that they’re in love of course. That’d be pretty unexpected. But they did come together, and that’s what wine helps with.

So consider some 2008 Geyserville. We just released a wee tad of it from the library. It’s awfully good. Have it for lunch! I recommend Redwood Hill Farms Camellia, a baguette of Watsonville Sourdough, some Santa Barbara olives, some Haig’s Hummus, a crisp green salad with garlic & dill-flavor Miso Mayo dressing, and some Recchiuti chocolate for the finish. That’ll do some bringing together for you.

Not really ready for love? I understand that. That’s a pretty big deal. But maybe consider it just for today? Think of it as a temporary tattoo. All the greatness of having a tattoo, without any of the laser removal when you’re done.

The Summer Solstice is a great day to play at being in love, to fall in love, or to be in love. I recommend including some love today. It’s a good day for it.


So you had a glass of champys for breakfast, and you had a glass of Geyserville for lunch. A reasonable and safe pace, but still, you want to be very careful. It’s a long day. Remember, it’s the longest day of the year.

So, chillax a bit.

I recommend listening to some music. And do it old school. Get out an LP. Did you know that on this day in 1948, Columbia Records debuted the LP? (Short for long-player!) It’s true. So pull out an LP, and groove. You might consider something with John Lee Hooker. He left this world on the 21st of June, back in 2001. Celebrate him today. I recommend pulling out one of those great Vanguard Twofers; get the one called Great Bluesmen at Newport. Check out John Lee’s “Tupelo.” It’s unbelievable.

After that, it’s a tough decision. You’re probably starting to get a bit hungry again. But you had lunch not too long ago. But it’s a LONG time until dinner. Because it’s a LONG day. In fact, it’s the LONGEST day. It’s the Summer Solstice. So what to do?

Truffle popcorn, obviously. Have it with 2011 Ridge Vineyards Estate Chardonnay. Just do it. I’m telling you. Summer will never be the same again. Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. When you’re eating truffle popcorn and drinking Ridge Chardonnay, that is.

Tasting Panel magazine really loved this chard. Check out their description:

“Intense, rich and ripe with smooth minerals and creamy texture; dense, juicy and balanced with lovely style.”

Now, just for fun, I’m going to Google “truffle popcorn.” Let’s see what happens.

Wow! A great many things happened. Loads of information! But here is my favorite; first page of results, six entries down. Something from

Ahhhhh. I love the smell of black truffle popcorn in the afternoon.

It smells like pure decadence.

You have to admit there is something a little naughty about dressing up lowbrow popcorn with truffle oil, of all things.

Pure decadence? A little naughty? Mix that with dense, juicy, and balanced, and hello Summer Solstice!

(image courtesy of Sweet Roll Photography)

(image courtesy of Sweet Roll Photography)

Now time to think about the evening. The very long and lovely evening. The evening that will last (almost!) forever.

What to do?

I’ll leave it up to you. After all, you’ve had a pretty creative day so far. I bet you’re feeling pretty inspired!

Take it easy, take it slow, take it summer style. After all, you’ve got all the time in the world!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out about You are too kind! Let me raise of glass of lovely Ridge to say thank you. 😉

  2. Happy solstice, and happy anniversary!

  3. Here’s to reveling in the perception –however fleeting it may be– of “all the time in the world”!
    Happy Anniversary.

  4. Happy Anniversary Christopher! I’m a K&L regular. What’s your fave Cava? Mine’s Raventos i Blanc..

  5. And all this time I have been calling it “champers”! Great post and happy anniversary…

  6. What a great post, smiles and happy anniversary!!!

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