Anatomy Of A Website

Websites can be a blessing, websites can be a curse.

For a producer such as Ridge –with a long history, deep library, and philosophy-first aesthetic– a website is both a challenge and an opportunity. How best to chronicle a cornucopia of conceptions, such that both the neophyte newbie and the resourceful Ridge-o-phile can each find that which they seek? How best to capture, control, and convey the education, the experience, the narrative; the history and the heart, the facts and the focus?

Our website is a veritable resource library of details and figures, arcana and ephemera, facts and philosophies. Most of all, it is a wealth of information.

Let’s have a look.

There are the obvious components, of course. An ABOUT page, for example. Yet even here, within this most ubiquitous of page locations, there are gems residing. For example, did you know our ABOUT page features an historical timeline going back to the turn of the century? Just click the pic to dig it!


Or how about Paul Draper’s essay on Pre-Industrial Winemaking? This essay has become so legendary, it was even referenced when Paul was given the Winemakers’ Winemaker Award from the Institute of Masters of Wine! And you can find it right here: Pre-Industrial Winemaking.

It’s these principled stands and stances that I believe truly set Ridge Vineyards apart, and our website has no shortage of information about our practices and our philosophies. Want to learn more about our ground-breaking decision to include ingredients on our labels? Just go to the website!


If you’ve followed Ridge, or been aware of us, for any length of time, you’re likely familiar with our arch vineyard-centricity; meaning, as a Single-Vineyard producer, our primary focus is on the production of Wines-of-Place (Wines of Place, that’s a link on our site!); on authentically representing Vineyards-of-Origin; on reflecting Terroir. As such, our vineyards –with all their nuanced complexities and sub-micro-climatic singularities– are positively integral to our production ethos.

Which is why we created our Interactive Vineyard Map! This is essentially a virtual fly-over of all our Estate Vineyards, and it’s an incredible tour of our properties.

Wondering about the rootstock for the Merlot behind the Monte Bello Tasting Room? Check the Map!


Curious about the field blend in The Old Patch at Geyserville? Check the Map!


Want to know where to find the Viognier at Lytton West ? Check the Map!


The lists go on, but suffice it to say, there is a great deal of knowledge stacked in the halls of our website.

More about our philosophies and practices?

How about Sustainability? Right here. Eco-Sustainable Tasting Room & Winery at Lytton Springs? Here.

How about some information about the Judgment of Paris Tasting? Got it. Right here.

Mind you, it’s not all fact, figures, history, and detail.

For example, if you’re interested in some of the more sensorially pleasurable pathways to our wines, you might have a look at the Wine & Food Pairing portion of our site:


Seeking a great recipe to partner with one of our winery-only Rhone offerings? How about Braised Lambshank over Mashed Potatoes with our Syrah/Grenache (click the pic for the recipe!)?


Ratatouille and Carignane? Recipe here!!!

Now, if you happened to have clicked on either of the wines hyperlinked above, you’ll have seen that these offerings are currently available to Members only. A problem? Not at all!

Everything you ever wanted to know about membership with Ridge Vineyards is right here. And once there, you’re only a click away …


…. from being a part of one of the most historic, most well-regarded, most coveted, most singular wine clubs in California.

As far as searching for wines goes, it can be daunting with a producer like Ridge. 50+ years of production makes for a great many offerings, particularly when you’re a single-vineyard producer. But take heart! No matter the designation –whether comparatively well-known, like Lytton Springs, or comparatively obscure, like Dynamite Hill– they can all be found on our Our Wines page!


And not just FOUND, mind you. When  you FIND a wine on our site, you don’t just FIND it. You LEARN it! Click Lytton Springs, for example.


Who knew there were 42 inches of rain in 2010?

But how about 2013? As you’re probably aware (if you’re anywhere in, or near, Northern California!), we’re pretty much in a drought. And that’s tough news for the wine industry. But here at Ridge, our progressive and sustainably-minded approach to Water Management –highlighted by cutting-edge Sap Flow-Monitoring Systems– means our vineyards are healthy, and on track for a great harvest. Want to know more? Dig the website! Water Management.

Now, all that said, you don’t HAVE to go through all this education if you don’t want to, if you already know what you want. Our shopping cart is easy to spot from anywhere on the site. Just click SHOP.

And if you’re a savvy shopper, and want to poll the news and reviews before making  your choices, our site has a little something for you too.

Just check out our NEWS page!

For example, want to know how Wine Spectator recently scored the 2010 Pagani Ranch? It’s on the site, just click the pic!


Or perhaps curious about Decanter’s recent take on the legendary 1970 Monte Bello?


“An exceptional wine, still bursting with life” -Decanter, March 2013

To be perfectly honest, I’m only scratching the surface so far. There is more. So much more.

For example:

Want to visit one of our Estates? Just go here: Visit.

Ridge Vineyards, Santa Cruz Mountains, Cupertino, California

Very handy, that, and dig this: you can even book a tasting appointment directly on our website!


It’s just that easy.

And there’s more!

Event Calendar? Check. Right here: Calendar.

Video Profiles? Yep: Video Profiles.

Presskit? Of course! Presskit.

Newsletter Archives? You betcha! Newsletters.

Truth be told, it’s an admittedly lengthy SiteMap …


…but we don’t expect you to take it all in at once. This is no One-Night-Stand, no Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ponzo.


This is a commitment.

This is love.

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