Just A Few Seats Left!

Consider The Monte Bello. Consider many Monte Bellos:


Then consider this place:

A Voce — Wine Spectator Grand Award-Winning Restaurant in NYC

And these people:

Olivier Flosse: Legendary Bordeaux-trained Sommelier (holder of the coveted Diploma-Universitaire d’Aptitude a la Degustation, Bordeaux, the most prestigious wine diploma in Europe.)

Eric Baugher: VP of Winemaking at Ridge Vineyards/Monte Bello

Then consider this menu:

1st Course:
Salmon crudo, zucchini, lemon, roe
Chardonnay, Estate, 2011

2nd Course:
Fazzoletti, summer truffles, ricotta
Monte Bello 1988
Monte Bello 1990
Monte Bello 1992

3rd Course:
Monkfish, bacon, porcini, red wine
Monte Bello 1994
Monte Bello 1996
Monte Bello 1999

4th Course:
Veal, veal sausage, eggplant, preserved plum
Monte Bello 2007
Monte Bello 2009

5th Course:
Chocolate semifreddo, fior di latte, chocolate crumble
Geyserville Essence 2007


Just in case that all flew by too fast, that was EIGHT vintages of Monte Bello. Plus the unbelievably exquisite 2007 Geyserville Essence. Plus the 2011 Estate Chardonnay.


This is once-in-a-lifetime special. Bucket List special.

And there are just a very few seats left. Here’s what you need:

Please contact Private Events at
A Voce Columbus for reservations.
or call 212-823-2523


I want to know you’re there. I am closing my eyes, and I am seeing you there. In my mind’s eye, you are there. You are at the table.  There is bacon in front of you. You are being poured the 1999 Monte Bello. Somewhere, a lone viola commences the most beautiful melody you’ve ever heard. A light rain starts. Under the table, a puppy. It nuzzles your palm. It’s nose is so soft. So soft. You adjust your napkin. Someone comments on how nice your skin looks. You feel slender, svelte, attractive. There is bacon in front of you. You are a superhero. This IS your beautiful house.

All this, and more, awaits.

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