Live Wine Blogging Haiku, from #WBC13

Live Wine Blogging Haiku, from #WBC13, Friday, June 7th …

(Live Wine Blogging, the SpeedDating/SpeedTasting hysteria that is inevitably one of the most challenging and memorable components of any Wine Bloggers Conference. A constant fierce parade of wine producers crashing in five-minute-intervals upon the beaches of your palate, each with a story, each with a deadline. Frenetic, intense, amazing. This year, for the first Live Wine Blogging session of #WBC13, I wrote every tasting note in Haiku form.)

Poplar Grove Pinot
Gris. Sturdy metal bouquet;
vivacity smiles.


The phenolics of
vintage: aroma of time;
taste of memory.

What you taste in the
glass; what you feel of season;
this one? The Summer.


Gray Monk Pinot Gris.
Earth is here, Sun is here; wine-
makers are here; in love.


Black Hills Sauvignon
Blanc & Semillon; only
Canadian desert.

What is the taste of
suede? What is the color of
warm summer rainfall?

From Monster Vineyards;
a Riesling. Don’t be afraid,
good acid don’t bite.


Cedar Creek Block Three; a
Riesling of place; a place of
sweetness; so subtle.


Quails’ Gate Chenin Blanc.
Steel and Oak; both the field, and
the dream that grows there!


Bench seven-seven-
five; as the season changes;
so the blend. Here now.


Fandango: a dance
of couples; as with grapes, so
with love. Time to dance.


What is the scent of
dance? What is the rhythm of
Fandango white wine?

“A pastry shop in
the nose,” popcorn in the cup.
Discipline of fun.


Mount Boucherie Vin
Blanc; can it smell like pasta?
Or am I hungry?


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