Hello “49°29′28″N 119°35′19″W”, otherwise known as Penticton, British Columbia!

The 2013 Wine Bloggers Conference awaits!

And I …


… am excited!

I am excited for a great many reasons.

I am especially excited because the conference is being held in beautiful British Columbia.

The conference follows a great model; each year, the conference travels to a different, unique, wonderful, and comparatively under-the-radar wine region, affording wine bloggers a rare and special opportunity to discover, enjoy, and experience new people, new places, new wines, and new stories, and affording regional producers the opportunity to showcase their offerings for a truly ravenous and omnivorous body of wine obsessives.

This will be my third conference. Courtesy of the WBC, I have been previously taken to Walla Walla, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, both of which I loved.

And now, British Columbia. The Okanagan Valley. 49°29′28″N 119°35′19″W.

I am excited.

What am I excited about?

Many, many things. In particular, Live Wine Blogging.

Which, in truth, I have been somewhat less excited about in the past.

The WBC describes Live Wine Blogging as a sort of “Speed Dating” approach to wine tasting.

Not exactly my bag.

I like working fast, mind you, and I love a deadline, but to make something like this legit, you need many moving parts to come together in truly well-oiled fashion, and that doesn’t always happen.

You need great wines. And to achieve that, the producers need to believe in the event. If they think it’s just for kicks, or that it’s not serious, they’re not going to commit quality offerings. Next, you need great hosts. Again, the event has to be legit. Otherwise, no individual who knows their stuff is going to participate; they’ll deploy their skills to an alternate environment where they have more confidence in being heard. And you need great bloggers to participate with great seriousness. In the end, we have only ourselves to blame if the quality and caliber of the event erodes. Producers can only be expected to treat it as serious as we do.

All that said, it can still be fun. And it should be fun. But it should be serious fun.

That’s why I am actually excited about Live Wine Blogging this year. Because Wines of British Columbia will be hosting. Dig on this:

Live Wine Blogging

Live Wine Blogging is brought to us by the British Columbia Wine Institute @winebcdotcom

Live White, Rose, Ice Wine Blogging Wineries

Haywire Winery    @Haywirewine
Bartier Scholefield    @okcrushpad
Bartier Brothers    @bartierbros
Tantalus Vineyards    @tantaluswine
Tinhorn Creek Vineyards    @TinhornCreek
Hester Creek Estate Winery    @hestercreek
Church and State Wines    @ChurchStateWine
Therapy Veinyards    @therapywines
JoieFarmWinery    @JoieFarm
Poplar Grove Winery    @poplargrovewine
Monster Vineyards    @monsterwines
Black Hills Estate Winery    @blackhillswine
Gray Monk Estate Winery    @graymonkwinery
Cedar Creek Estate Winery    @CedarCreekWine
Quails’ Gate Winery    @Quails_Gate
Bench 1775 Winery    @bench1775
Terravista Vineyards    @terravistawines
Township 7 Vineyards & Winery    @township7
Summerhill Pyramid Winery    @summerhillwine
Mt. Boucherie Family Estate Winery    @mtboucheriewine
Upper Bench Estate Winery    @upperbench
Little Straw Vineyards    @LittleStrawSue
Intrigue Wines    @intriguewines
Perseus Winery    @perseuswine
Nk’Mip Cellars    @nkmipcellars
Steller’s Jay Brut    @StellersJayBrut
Inniskillin BC     @inniskillinwine
See Ya Later Ranch Winery     @sylranchwinery
Sumac Ridge Estate Winery     @sumacridgewine
Jackson Triggs BC     @jacksontriggsbc

Live Red Wine Blogging Wineries

And that’s just one of the things I am excited about.
I am also very excited to see many of my Wine Blogger colleagues; some of whom I’ve not seen since last year’s conference. And I am very excited to meet – in person – some colleagues whom I currently only know by their writing.
And of course, I am excited for the Wine Blog Awards. I expect to remain a bridesmaid again, but am so pleased to be a finalist that my excitement is untempered, and I look very forward to seeing who takes home the trophies!
And the list goes on, to say the least.
Most of all, I am excited to represent Ridge Vineyards.
That may sound like token Company Man talk, but I mean it. I am real, real, real proud to represent Ridge, and I consider it a heavy honor, and a great responsibility.
49°29′28″N 119°35′19″W, here comes Ridge Vineyards, in the form of me.
I’ll be reporting from the field throughout, as will some 300 other Wine Bloggers, so if you wish to follow along, just filter for #WBC13 on your favorite social media platform, and you’ll be in on the action!

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