#VineWatch13: Week 20!

After a week off for #RidgeSomms, we’re ready to get back to #VineWatch13, and I for one can’t wait to see what’s changed since week 18!

Let’s have a look at Monte Bello first …

Well, the weather’s turned a bit, that’s for sure; check out this wild sky …


That said, doesn’t seem to be hindering progress!


Sigh … just beautiful!


And as to what’s going on up at Lytton Springs, seems like the skies have muted out there a bit as well …


But as with Monte Bello, we’re still seeing wonderful progress!



And with that, it is now my pleasure to share with you a little something special for this week; our very own Eliot Nett has contributed a positively lovely Lytton Springs movie for your viewing pleasure!

Thank you Eliot, for giving us all a chance to experience the tranquil grace so elegantly captured in these frames.

Ah, glorious Lytton Springs … So beautiful!


Please stay tuned as we follow our lovely vines through the 2013 vintage!

We’re twenty weeks in to-date, and for a quick look back, please enjoy the links below:

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