Scenes From The Final Assemblage Event!

At 5pm on Sunday, May 19th, we officially concluded our 2013 Monte Bello Collector Event series.

It was a tremendous trio of events, our guests were tremendous, and through every step of the process, we watched a tremendous wine come to be.

And so,

Seen at The Final Assemblage Event:

Beautiful scenery …


Beautiful views …


Bodhi …


Also seen at The Final Assemblage Event:

Dedicated staff …


And dedicated tasters …


Happy couples …


And happy hummingbirds …


Also seen at The Final Assemblage Event:

Paul Draper …


And Eric Baugher …


Did I mention happy couples? Because there were definitely happy couples …


And there was cheese


And there was charcuterie …


And there was most certainly wine


But most of all there was you…

IMG_0688 IMG_0696 IMG_0756 IMG_0762 IMG_0811 IMG_0871 IMG_0877 IMG_0887 IMG_0894 IMG_0901

And you…


And a thank you to you all.

What a wonderful way to spend two days!

You couldn’t have made us happier.

I hope were were able to return to you at least some small measure of the pleasure you gave us.

And now, we wait.

2012 Monte Bello?


We’ll see you again in 2015.

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4 replies

  1. A gracious and beautiful event atop ‘Beautiful Mountain’ Monte Bello; fantastic shots capturing Assemblage in pictures. Great job with the camera Christopher.

  2. My wife, I and our guests had a great time! Ridge certainly knows how to put on first class and fun events! Always fun!

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