#RidgeSomms: To Dine In The Valleys, Part II

Dry Creek Valley.

Zinfandel Country.

Home to our Lytton Springs Estate.

Lytton Springs, in the beautiful distance

Lytton Springs, in the beautiful distance

Home to Dry Creek Kitchen.


Home to Dustin Valette.

Chef Dustin Valette, at work on the #RidgeSomms menu

Chef Dustin Valette, at work on the #RidgeSomms menu

Dustin is the chef at Dry Creek Kitchen, and Dry Creek Kitchen is where we took our #RidgeSomms Sommeliers for dinner.

If you’ve been following #RidgeSomms, you may recall a query posted in Part I of this “To Dine In The Valleys” series:

When you are Ridge Vineyards, and you have invited 12 of the best and brightest food & wine luminaries in the country to your estates, you are faced with a daunting question: where do you take them for dinner?

When  you are North, and you are at Lytton Springs, and you are in Healdsburg, then the answer is, you take them to Dry Creek Kitchen.

We went there before it all began; to meet with Dustin, and to build a menu:

DCK_MenuNotes DCK_Setting

And oh, what a menu it was!


And oh, what an evening it was!

My night’s work (should that be “work”?) began with Lytton Springs Winemaker John Olney, and Drew Munro, our most expert and professional Wine Host from Dry Creek Kitchen, tasting and preparing the evening’s wines.


John Olney


Drew Munro

And might I say, quite a roster! (p.s. those are magnums of 1990 Geyserville and Lytton Springs that Drew is opening!)

DCK_TheWines DCK_TheRoster

After that, a lovely reception …

DCK_ReceptionI DCK_ReceptionII

…featuring the 2006 Monte Bello Chardonnay …


And finally dinner. Wonderful, lovely dinner.

DCK_DinnerIa DCK_DinnerII DCK_DinnerIII

I have but three words for you: Black Garlic Béarnaise.

Insert full belly sigh here …

It was the best of times, it was the best of times.

And it was awfully hard to leave.

But we definitely left happy …


Thank you to all at Dry Creek Kitchen for being such wonderful hosts, and for providing such a wonderful location. Special thanks to Drew Munro for the exemplary wine service, and most especially to Chef Dustin Valette for crafting such an outstanding menu!

Lastly, to our Somms, alla famiglia!

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