#RidgeSomms: A Gentleman and an Expert

There are very many wine blogs.

As of the last “official” count, there are over 1.2 million blogs that either self-define as wine blogs, or include enough content on wine to be classified as such.


Ok, that’s not actually true.

In fact, it’s a complete lie.

But in truth, there are over one thousand.

Which is actually a TREMENDOUS amount! Wine blogs? Over ONE THOUSAND? That’s incredible!

It really is.

If you don’t believe me, check this out: Complete List of Wine Blogs.

The number is actually just over 1400. 1400 blogs about ONE subject: Wine.

Which, when you think about it, makes NAMING your blog a real challenge.

You can be somewhat satirical and self-deprecating, à la 1WineDude; easily one of the most successful and familiar offerings out there.

You can be poetic and philosophical, along the lines of Simple Hedonisms, written by that very prolific arch-activist William Allen.

You can be ironic: The Hosemaster of Wine, for example. Which is actually written by a very serious and very  intelligent and very experienced individual.

You can be dual-themed; something like WineBookGirl.

Or self-referential, like RJonWine, by the legendarily comprehensive Richard Jennings.

But in the end, you’re writing about wine, and no matter how you dress it up, that’s what you’re writing about. And that’s what your blog is about.

Which is why Red Wine Lovers is so excellent and beautiful and perfect. It’s one of those titles where, as soon as you hear it, you can’t believe no one thought of it previously.

Except they did.

Red Wine Lovers thought of it.


Red Wine Lovers is based in Los Angeles, and as such, they have access to very many great restaurants and wine bars.

One such place is Industriel.

Twitter: @industriel609

Industriel Facebook: Industriel Urban Farm Cuisine

And at Industriel, there can be found one Augustus Miller.

Augustus Miller, in the words of Red Wine Lovers, is “a gentleman and an expert.”

This is the art and the grace and the beauty and the poetry of wine.

To be a wine lover is NOT to be a fighter. It is to be a gentleman. To be a wine lover is NOT to be an omnivorous jack-of-all trades. It is to be an expert.

To be a wine lover is NOT to be one hot mess. It is to be, in the words of Red Wine Lovers, “dedicated to a lifelong passion.”


I am not a mendicant at the altar of the young.

I do not subscribe to a cult of the young.

I believe in poetry; one of few artistic genres that tends to see its masters mature late. I believe in blues; a genre that depends on wisdom, maturity, and the gravitas of age. I believe in old people. Because if you make it to be old, you are something special.

But the more I learn of Augustus Miller, the more I believe in him.

And he is young.


I am not in Los Angeles, and I do not yet know Augustus Miller personally. But I read Red Wine Lovers, and I am a Red Wine Lover. And Augustus Miller is in Los Angeles. And Red Wine Lovers is in Los Angeles.

And I am listening, to the sound, of Los Angeles.

Red Wine Lovers has done #RidgeSomms a tremendous kindness. Red Wine Lovers has gone to Industriel, and Red Wine Lovers has met Augustus Miller. And Red Wine Lovers has dined at the table of Augustus Miller. And Red Wine Lovers has tasted from Augustus Miller’s Wine List. And Red Wine Lovers has written the story, and Red Wine Lovers has shared it with us. And for that, I am in debt, to Red Wine Lovers.



(photo courtesy of Red Wine Lovers, used by permission)

From Red Wine Lovers:

Sommelier Symposium 2013 – Augustus Miller’s journey to Ridge Vineyards

Meet Augustus Miller: Sommelier & Wine director at Industriel Restaurant in Los Angeles. He’s one of the most highly regarded sommeliers in the country, and has an acute understanding of wine at its deepest roots. He presents wine with the utmost confidence in his wine list, and in his palate. He pairs the unconventional. He blows you away with wines of exceptional quality at astounding values. He invites you to new appellations and varietals, and takes you on a journey through time. Most surprisingly, he’s 28 years old.

 To better comprehend that last sentence, Augustus has only been able to legally purchase wine for the last 7 years, but has quickly developed the expertise to stand toe-to-toe with some of the world’s most talented wine snobs and master sommeliers alike. He creates an unforgettable experience at the dinner table from the very moment you meet him, and everything pours out from there.

To read the rest of this very fine profile, please click here.

And please join me in thanking Red Wine Lovers for doing all the delectably fantastic wine tasting and earth-shatteringly gourmandesque fine dining for us, so that we could just sit at our computers later and read about it … wait a second!!!

Ah, I kid … Truly, a hearty toast to Red Wine Lovers for so adroitly sharing their experiences, so passionately expressing their passions, so engagingly telling their tales, and for so vividly rendering the sensorial splendors of their singularly immersive explorations of all things wine and food.

And as especial thank you to Red Wine Lovers for contributing to #RidgeSomms is such excellent fashion. As the excitement grows, my appreciation expands. As the drama increases, my humility deepens. As the experience nears, my gratitude grows.

And thank you, Augustus Miller, for joining us. I am so very eager to meet you. Tomorrow!


From the Olive Garden at 18, to the Court of Master Sommeliers at 23, to Industriel at 28. The path of Augustus Miller is quite extraordinary.

We asked him to send us a bio, and he did. It concludes with the following quote, from the legendary Gerard Basset:

“You must give back as much as you take”

If the hospitality shown our friends at Red Wine Lovers is any indication, Augustus Miller is a young man who is not only adhering to Mr. Basset’s tenets, but is tipping the scales in favor of giving back.


And with that, we invite you to join Augustus Miller, and all the other luminaries that make up the cast of #RidgeSomms, for an extraordinary two days of all things Ridge, and wine, and food, and Ridge!




Ridge Vineyards Sommelier Symposium, 2013



May 20th & 21st, 2013



4488: A Ridge Blog

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RidgeVineyards on YouTube

Just filter for #RidgeSomms, and you’re IN!

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