#RidgeSomms: One Mile High And Rising!

I’ll endeavor to roll like a composer for a moment, and see if I can’t harmonize a few contrapuntal threads.

Melody # 1 — make it the bass line — goes a little something like this: If you know football, you know Denver, and if you know Denver, you know the Broncos, and if you know the Broncos, you know Mike Shanahan, and if you know Mike Shanahan, then you know Shanahan’s.

Melody #2 — make it a muted trumpet line — plays like this: If you wine, you terroir, and if you terroir , you Terroir Radio, and if you Terroir Radio, then you also William Davis, and if you William Davis, then you Denver, and if you Denver, then you Shanahan’s.

Melody #3 — make it a Steinway — rolls like so: If you know Ridge Vineyards, then you know Christina Donley, and if you know Christina Donley, then you know she’s Coloradan, and if she’s Coloradan, then you know she knows Denver, and you know if she knows Denver she knows Shanahan’s.

Meaning, all lines harmonize at Shanahan’s.



Shanahan’s has one of these:


and those don’t come easy.

When they do come, they usually come because of an exceptional Sommelier.

Shanahan’s has one of those.

His name is Steve Steese. And he’s exceptional.

But don’t take my word for it.

Take the word of William Davis.


There is no other way to put it; William Davis is a force. Dig just a snippet of this bio:

“…In 2004, he decided that a full-time career with Charmer-Sunbelt in Colorado was necessary to pursue a greater understanding of the grape, and received the Certified Specialist of Wine, the Certified Specialist of Spirits, and the highest certification from the Society of Wine Educators, the Certified Wine Educator title (CWE). Restaurants were still ‘in his blood’, and the dedication that sommeliers give to their craft is a vital part of bringing wine to the consumer, so he passed the Certified and Advanced Sommelier exams in 2007 and 2008, on his first try, and is working to achieve his MS with the Court of Master Sommeliers. The academic approach to wine and spirits also interests him, and he is passed the Advanced Certification with the Wine and Spirits Education Trust in 2010, and is studying for the WSET Diploma. If that isn’t enough, he is a member of the Guild of Sommeliers, and was the 2012 Central and South Regional Winner of TopSomm, a competition to find the best wine professional talent in the United States…”

And so forth.


And, to find Mr. Davis in present and future times, turn your dial to Terroir Radio.

Do so right now, and you’ll find Mr. Davis waxin’ wise on Mr. Steve Steese himself, and on Shanahan’s, and on our upcoming #RidgeSomms event.

It’s all right here: Terroir Radio

Thank you so much to William for taking us One Mile High (and Rising!).


The Donley was just in the Mile High. And so of course she rocked Shanahan’s. But here’s a little something you didn’t expect: her favorite dish? Colorado Red Trout!

Check it:

Colorado Red Trout –rice pilaf, asparagus, lemon caper beurre blanc

That’s just how The Donley rolls. Beurre Blanc-style.


Mike Shanahan employs him. William Davis praises him. Christina Donley invites him. You think we’re excited to host Steve Steese?

You bet we’re excited to host Steve Steese! Shanahan’s in the house!

You can get yourself connected to Shanahan’s socially via Facebook & Twitter:



And of course you’ll get to know Steve via #RidgeSomms!


And with that, we invite you to join Steve Steese and all the other luminaries that make up the cast of #RidgeSomms, for an extraordinary two days of all things Ridge, and wine, and food, and Ridge!




Ridge Vineyards Sommelier Symposium, 2013



May 20th & 21st, 2013



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Just filter for #RidgeSomms, and you’re IN!

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