#RidgeSomms: Christina Donley Is A Moth to St. Elmo’s Flame!

For some, St. Elmo conjures images of luminous plasma. For others, Rob Lowe’s crisp jawline, and a song by John Parr.

But for Christina Donley, St. Elmo means one thing, and one thing only: Ribeye mid-rare and a half bottle of Ridge.

You may recall Christina Donley from a recent post about Chicago, but one should bear in mind that Chi’s are not the only rails The Donley rides.


Christina Donley, Regional Sales Manager, Ridge Vineyards

As with Michael Torino, Christina Donley is a Regional Sales Manager for Ridge Vineyards, and as with Michael Torino, she covers a great deal of ground.


Christina Donley – Regional Sales Manager (NorCal, OR, WA, AK, ID, MT, CO, ND, SD, WY, IA, IL, IN, OH, MI)

That’s hardcore.



The St. Elmo Steak House has been in downtown Indianapolis since 1902.

That’s hardcore too.

And, guess who’s dined there? Check this:

Jon Bon Jovi, Neil Diamond, Sammy Hagar, Daryl Hall, Waylon Jennings, Billy Joel, Lyle Lovett, Johnny Mathis, John Mellencamp, Lou Rawls, Paul Shaffer, Brian Setzer, Gene Simmons, Stephen Stills, Michael Stipe, Ann & Nancy Wilson, Neil Young, The Black Crowes, Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Rolling Stones, U2, AC/DC, and Little Feat.

Just to name a few.

But none of that compares to the following testimonial, from The Donley herself:

Every time I go to Indianapolis, I find myself drawn to the bar at St. Elmo’s.  Like a moth to a flame.  I sit down and order the same thing every single time.  Ribeye mid-rare and a half bottle of Ridge. All the bartenders know me by name and treat me like family.

That should be just about all you need to know.

But, just in case you need to know more, it’s worth noting that the St. Elmo Steak House was named a 2012 America’s Classic by the James Beard Foundation. And that Wine Spectator bestowed upon them a Best of Award of Excellence.

But really, all you really need to do is remember what The Donley said. Like a moth to a flame.


So are we, at Ridge Vineyards, excited that Dave Poore — Manager & Cellar Steward at the St. Elmo Steak House — will be joining us for #RidgeSomms?

You bet yer boots we are! And we hope you are too!

#RidgeSomms will be a great way for you to get to know more about Dave and St. Elmo, but in the meantime, check ’em out on Facebook and Twitter:




And with that, we invite you to join Dave, Christina, and all the other luminaries that make up the cast of #RidgeSomms, for an extraordinary two days of all things Ridge, and wine, and food, and Ridge!




Ridge Vineyards Sommelier Symposium, 2013



May 20th & 21st, 2013



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Just filter for #RidgeSomms, and you’re IN!

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