In Which The Ridge Wine Blogger Is Called Upon To Discuss A “Cantilever Sensor Array-Based Diagnostic Device” at Stanford …

Ok, that’s not actually entirely accurate; in fact, I was actually called upon to speak AFTER discussion on a “Cantilever Sensor Array-Based Diagnostic Device.”


Which is essentially the story of my “giving a talk at Stanford”; a story I have gleefully deployed for weeks in the service of deflecting the near-endless impositions on my social calendar that I regularly endure:

I’m so sorry, I’d love to join you for dinner, but alas, I am scheduled to give a talk at Stanford that night.

Believe you me, I would love to attend your seminar, but regrettably, I myself am giving a talk at Stanford the very same Friday.

I can think of nothing more enjoyable that attending  your gathering, but as it turns out, I’m on tap to speak at Stanford that night, I am so sorry!

Truth be told, Ridge enjoys a very special relationship with the fine institution of Stanford; having been founded by Engineers at the Stanford Research Institute, and being still helmed by one Paul Draper, a philosophy major and a Cardinal himself.

So it was a great pleasure to contribute to this event, and on behalf of all here at Ridge Vineyards, we wish a very successful wrap-up to this year’s NMC conference, the 10th International Workshop on Nanomechanial Sensing!

That said, I do not appreciate my prepared text on Golden Nanofingers being usurped by those folks from Hewlett-Packard! Having to riff improvisationally in front of this caliber of crowd required that I draw on previously untapped rhetorical reserves the likes I’ve which I’ve rarely had to summon, and I’m not likely to soon forgive!

Now, back to my Uniform Arrays …

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