Happy Birthday to 4488: A Ridge Blog!!!

If you love jazz, Billie Holiday, and the power of beautiful song, then you might be celebrating today; celebrating the recording of her majestic and mournful triumph that was and is “Strange Fruit.”

And if you live in Santa Cruz, then you might be celebrating “420.”

And if you love Star Trek, you might be celebrating the birth of George Takei.

But if yours is of a more mournful ilk, possibly even of gothic countenance, then you might be acknowledging the passing of Bram Stoker.

And if your thoughts are on and with Boston today,  you may be recalling The Siege of Boston, back in 1775.


I’ve thought of all of this and more today, but at the moment, I am marking another milestone; a small one, perhaps, but a significant one for me.

On this day, April 20th, back in 2009, the very first post appeared on this blog. It was the birth of “4488: A Ridge Blog.”

906 posts later (this is number 906!), I remain proud, humbled, and astonished by the job. To write for Ridge. Of this stuff, dreams are made.

So to everyone who has read a post, I thank you.

To everyone who has subscribed, I thank you.

To everyone who has tweeted, facebook’d, or otherwise passed on a post, I thank you.

To everyone who has commented on a post, I thank you.

Ridge Vineyards, I thank you.

4488: A Ridge Blog, I thank you. You’ve become quite an important part of my life.

I wish you Happy 4th Birthday!


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4 replies

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on four years of always exceptional work here!

  2. Keep up the thoughtful, provocative, and inspiring writing Mr. Watkins. Happy Anniversary!

  3. We’re celebrating a birthday, too – mine! 🙂 Congratulations on your blog – one of my favorite pieces of literature!

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