Let The Wine Prep Begin! Bottles + Decanters + Quattro = Quaffable!

More of the new math of deliciousness! Bottles + Decanters + Quattro = Quaffable!



And for a look back at the Old New Math …

The new math of deliciousness. Ridge Vineyards + Silicon Valley + Quattro = Edible!

How’s it all add up?

You may remember a recent article from Jay McInerney in The Wall Street Journal:

“How To Out-Bordeaux Bordeaux in Silicon Valley”

In his article, Jay did a lovely job of completing the conceptual circle as regards Ridge Vineyards’ unique relationship with The Valley, but tonight, we’re going to go Jay one better, by not just seeing the circle completed, but enacting the encirculation!


Anyhow, the point is, another very great writer — one Ben Narasin — has written another lovely article for another lovely publication; a newly launched iteration of the Edible line: Edible Silicon Valley. And his lovely article is about Ridge Vineyards.

And as this is the launch of a new publication, there is to be a party!

And the party is to be held at Quattro, the very fine restaurant at the Four Seasons/Silicon Valley!

And Ridge is going to be there, sharing wine, mingling, and celebrating!


The new math of deliciousness. Ridge Vineyards + Silicon Valley + Quattro = Edible!


Here are the details:



For more about the event, please click here.

And to read Ben’s very fine article, please click here.

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