Tasting A True Rarity: 2001 Ridge Vineyards Lytton Springs

An honest-to-goodness treat today; the opportunity to taste a genuine rarity: the 2001 Ridge Vineyards Lytton Springs.

I tasted with my colleague Sam Howles-Banerji.

We opened, we double-decanted, we poured, we smelled …

Indian food.

I couldn’t think of anything but Indian food.

I was thinking Coriander, Cardamom, and Cumin.

As Sam said, The Three Cs.

Not so much turmeric. As discussed; the wine was less “yellow-y” than that.

Really, just The Three Cs.

Sam swirled, Sam tasted, Sam wrote.


Can you spot the oh-so-rare Lytton Springs?

Just a fascinating display of aromatics altogether; totally fascinating.

Unbelievably, Sam happened to have brought Indian for lunch.

“Should I bring it out?”


He brought it out. We smelled. The Three Cs indeed.

That said, with an hour of aeration (when I began my notes), the exotic spice had subsided to a certain extent, reclining back into a pleasantly rustic cushion of almost claret-like sophistication.

The first frequencies on the palate were immediately lower-tuned; rich with dark berry notes and black herbs; speckled with a punchy minerality.

The earthiness transformed into something more savory and meatier mid-palate; not gamey per se, but with a certain lightly charred umami melody.

The finish was a pristine act of reconciliation, drawing spice, earth and herb together with layered fruit and a sweeter note unique to the lingering post-finish echo.

In summary, a delicious wine in an excellent stage of development.

What a treat!

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2 replies

  1. I almost feel like I can taste it! Jealous over here.

  2. Interesting. I cook a lot of Indian (spicy) foods and have never really found a wine to go with it. Do you think this might?
    You’ve made me really want to taste it!!

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