The Nights of Buchignani

Days of Wine & Roses, Nights of Buchignani.

The ’09 drops … tonight.


2009 Ridge Vineyards Buchignani Ranch Zinfandel

Preparation: Double-decanted, aerated approximately ½ hour …

Appearance: Incredible color: an amethystian core enveloped in a broad weave of mulberry highlights and a multi-shaded striation of magentian variations. Fascinating to watch the balance of hues change in the light; well worth upholding your crystal to the nearest light source …

Aromatics: Good strong mineral component to the bouquet; a particularly “wet” sort of stone character … A winsome decadence prevails via a subtle note of Chambord, but the dominant trait is a seed-and-sweet dark berry preserve layer. Not as earthy as some previous vintages of this offering; the aromatic emphasis is definitely mineral-and-fruit …

Front: Pleasantly spry acidity, with a wide spread of flavor that runs-cheek-to-cheek with fresh ripe fruit and a subtle architecture. Some black plum sweetness lends a touch of extracted depth, but the overall feel is light and precise …

Mid-Palate: Fairly austere mid-palate; not overtly viscous or ripe, the comparatively restrained fruit spectrum stays in the background, allowing the powdery tannins to come forward, in the company of the foreshadowed minerality evident in the aromatics …

Finish: Straightforwardly built; focused and clean, with a lingering black herb coda that carries with it a subtle savoriness …

Summary: One of the fresher, cleaner, more fruit-driven Buchignani Ranch Zinfandels to come down the pipe, with a great deal of complexity wrapped in a form-fitting architecture that favors compression over volume.

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