Le Sacre Du Printemps

I drive from Santa Cruz to our mountain everyday, and yes, it is a long, strange trip; one sees many, many microclimes en route. That said, there was a certain uniform tonality to the timbre of the morning on this, the 4th of April.

Grey, wet, and cold; a baritonal melancholy serpentining through the tendrils, the song remaining the same, to say the least, though with one beatific exception …


April’s Black Mountain Rainbow

After that, back to the brume.


As I made my ascent up Monte Bello Road, I could see my destination, but only barely:


Monte Bello = Beautiful Mountain

That is us there, off in the distance, behind where the two slopes cross. Here it is in detail:


That murky crest is the eastern underside of our vineyard knoll, seen below in rather sunnier circumstances (and from the west, obviously!):

The Knoll & The Umbrellas & The Happiness ...

The Knoll & The Umbrellas & The Happiness …


Anyhow,  as noted previously, today is the 4th of April.

A significant day, as we move slowly into Spring, into rain, into budbreak, into life.

And, a day in which to celebrate the birth of Pierre Monteaux.

Perhaps not a name familiar to most, but certainly a name etched into the walls of the halls of history, if you’re of a certain aural ilk.

For you see, it was Monteaux conducting when Stravinsky’s Le Sacre Du Printemps (The Rite of Spring) debuted; a night, and a work, that inarguably changed the world of modern music forever.

So as we contemplate our own rite of spring, let us remember the music of Stravinsky’s as well, and let us remember it as shepherded to us under Monteaux’s brave baton, on that rarefied night back in 1913.

Let us remember Pierre Monteaux.

And let us all adore the earth.


Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, Part I, The Adoration of the Earth

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