The Yesses & Nos of Easter in the Tasting Rooms of Ridge

Yes, our Lytton Springs & Monte Bello Tasting Rooms are open this Easter Sunday. (11am-4pm)

No, we will not be offering Palate-Cleanser Peeps.

Yes, our staff will be prepared to offer expert suggestions on wines to pair with Easter dinner.

No, the Optima Font is not Pagan in origin.

Yes, children are welcome in our tasting rooms, provided they remain under close parental supervision at all times.

No, the label does not say egg finding, it says egg fining.

Yes, the President of the United States hosts an Easter Egg Roll on the lawn of the White House.

No, Sandy does not host a “Zinfandel Roll” in the old vines next to the Lytton Springs Tasting Room.

Yes, we believe that wine is food.

No, an Ah So Cork Puller is not a fertility symbol.

Yes, wine stains.

No, we will not be dyeing eggs with wine.

Yes, we will be pouring Monte Bello.

No, there will not be a “Monte Bello Hunt”.


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