#VineWatch13: Week 11! It’s all Cover Crop, all the time …

Greetings everyone, and welcome to another week of #VineWatch13!

Things are beginning to get exciting for our vines; on the mountain, we’ve actually begun to see a few buds popping out! Nothing yet for our friend over in the cab blocks, but nonetheless, spring has most definitely sprung, and with the sun bright in the sky, and the crop cover coming to life below, thing are definitely going to be accelerating …


And speaking of cover crop, things are goin’ buckwild up at Lytton Springs! Check this out …


I had the opportunity recently to ask David Gates (our VP of Vineyard Operations) about cover crop, and exactly what’s going on with it these days, and I received, in the way of a response, a whole lot of dirt (pardon the pun!) on “discing” …

“We are discing to incorporate the cover crop, adding organic matter and nitrogen (once soil microbes break it down so that the vines can use it) to the soil while also eliminating weeds and competition with the vines for water and nutrients.  The cover crop is made up of 50% triticale (a wheat-like grass) and 25% each bell (fava) beans and peas.  The beans and peas are legumes that biologically “fix” nitrogen (they have a symbiotic relationship with nitrogen fixing bacteria in their roots).  This cover crop mix is planted on alternate rows in those vineyard blocks where we would like a bit more vigor; incorporating this grass/legume cover crop in the spring supplies enough nitrogen (and organic matter!) to keep the vines healthy and happy.”

Prefer a visual? Here is a couple quick seconds of Emiliano discing

Please stay tuned as we follow our lovely vines through the 2013 vintage!

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