Ladies & Gentlemen, the 2013 Wine Blog Awards Are Coming! Let the Nominations begin!


For myself, as someone who writes nearly daily about wine, this is an exciting time of year, a season of awareness for wine-inspired prose.

It is a time to redouble efforts to experience the great diversity of voices on offer, to luxuriate in the excitement of the new, and to remember the pleasures of the legendary.

It is a time of discovery for me, a time in which I find, just when I thought I knew a little something about wine & the culture of wine, that in fact there are worlds upon worlds upon layers upon worlds of which I am still unaware.

And it is a time of reconnect, in which I return to some of my original heroes in the field, and remind myself once again why they’re so good, and why they have been so influential to me.


And to be honest, it is a time of friendship, something I never envisioned or expected when I began writing this blog. Back in April of 2009, I had no idea what I was doing, or where I was going. (Which is possibly still the case!) Yet here I am in 2013, proud and happy to note that some of my great friends are … wine bloggers! I am happy to say that I have truly gotten to KNOW a great many of these writers — some virtually, many in “real life” — and the annual Wine Bloggers Conference has become, amongst other things, a rare and special opportunity to see again familiar folks whose company I truly enjoy.

But most of all, this is an opportunity to celebrate achievement.

So if you would, please join me in the nominations process, and take a moment to acknowledge those whose passion for all things wine, all things cultural, all things artisanal, serves to ignite you in your own life, chimes the Zen Awareness Slap inside the halls of your own temple, reminds you again and again and again that wine is our Liquid of Ritual, and that nothing less than memorable will suffice.

Nominate one of these writers. Nominate many of these writers. Nominate many of these writers for multiple awards. It may be a small gesture on your part, but it would mean an awful lot to a great many wonderful people.


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