The Knights Of The Ridge Table Ride A Plumed Horse Into The Culinary Kingdom -or- Winemaker Dinner at The Plumed Horse, Tonight!

Two great artisan enterprises:

The Plumed Horse & Ridge Vineyards.


Two great craftspeople:

Chef Peter Armellino & Winemaker Eric Baugher.


Chef Peter Armellino, The Plumed Horse

One great night.


Dig this:

Smoked Wild Salmon

tomato fondue tartlette, caviar creme friache

2011 Ridge Vineyards Estate Chardonnay


Day Boat Sea Scallop

preserved Meyer lemon, caramelized endive, Cara Cara orange

2008 Ridge Vineyards Monte Bello Chardonnay


Black Trumpet Mushroom Bisque

black pepper & Parmesan cheese gougeres

1994 Ridge Vineyards Monte Bello


South Texas Antelope Loin

wild Spring onion, potato Savoyard, Winter herbs

2007 Ridge Vineyards Monte Bello


Granny Smith Apple

Beemster XO ice cream, walnut sable

2000 Ridge Vineyards Lytton Springs (1.5L)

I am proud to say I know Chef Peter personally, and his is a fantastic mind, a tremendous heart, a formidable technique, and an expansive aesthetic. You dine at his table, you dine in ecstasy.

And of course I know Eric Baugher. I know Eric very well. He is as giving a winemaker as you could ever hope to encounter. Effusive, erudite, educational, expressive, entertaining, and an excellent host. You taste with Eric, you taste the universe.

This will most certainly be an evening to remember.

In the days to come, I’ll be enjoying a conversation with Peter about the night’s happenings; the menu, the pairings, the guests, the experience. Stay tuned for a follow-up with tasting notes, photos, and more.

And if you’ll be in attendance this evening, I congratulate your opportunity, and applaud both your good fortune and your good taste! Enjoy!

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  1. Of course I’ve been to Ridge, and I’ve been to Plumed Horse…but together…are you effin’ kidding me? As they have been know to day in the South…good googly moogly!

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