Be The Winning Bid & Bob’s Yer Uncle! -or- David Gates In Oz! -or- This Trip Is Fair Dinkum! -or- Australia Tastes Ace! -or- Rhone Rangers, From San Francisco to Sydney!

David Gates is a great man.

David Gates, Ridge Vineyards VP of Vineyard Operations

David Gates, Ridge Vineyards VP of Vineyard Operations

David Gates is our Vineyard Manager, and he is a great man. A great man managing great vineyards.


David Gates is President on the Board of Directors for Rhone Rangers.


Rhone Rangers is a great organization.

Rhone-varietal wines are great.


The 16th Annual Rhone Rangers Weekend Celebration of American Rhones in San Francisco is a great event, with great Rhone-varietal wines on offer.


The March 22nd Winemakers Dinner — part of the Rhone Rangers Celebration — is a great winemakers dinner, because it features 15 wineries with a three-course meal catered by Girl and the Fig,


followed by a live auction.


The live auction is a great auction, because there is a going to be a great auction item auctioned.


Let’s stop for a moment, and do a quick little word association.

If I say, Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale, what do you say?

If you said, legendary Australian Wine Regions, Bob would be your uncle.

If I say, David Gates, what do you say?

If you said, legendary Ridge Vineyards Vineyard Manager and Rhone Rangers President, that would constitute fair dinkum.

If I say, $60,000, do I hear $60,000, can I get a $60,000, and you said, $60,000!, then you’d be going to Australia with David Gates and 7 of your VERY best friends.

Which is great.


$60,000 is the asking price if you want to scoop the bidders and PRE-BUY.

Win it at auction, who knows? Twenty bucks a head?

Could be a bonzer night for the right kind of tall poppy … might be you at the corner table cryin’ Stone The Crows!

But enough of my earbash, here’s the Ridgy-Didge:


Taste of Australia

with David Gates, Ridge Vineyards

 10 Days – San Francisco to Sydney

January 6th – January 15th, 2014
10 Days – San Francisco to Sydney
Exploring the Wine Regions of:
Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale

Enjoy all the beauty and grandeur of Australia, from the Sydney Opera House, the largest fish market in the southern hemisphere, and the most spectacular harbors and secluded beaches, to picturesque Adelaide Hills, private vineyards, Methode Champenoise cellars, Grange tastings, special blending sessions, private transfers, exquisite accommodations, and much more.

Trip to be auctioned at the Rhone Rangers Winemaker Dinner in San Francisco on March 22nd.
Click here purchase your tickets for the winemakers dinner.

Buy now: purchase the entire package in advance of the auction for the “buy now” price of $60,000 for a group of 8 people.
For details of trip, questions or to purchase contact Cardoza-Bungey Travel at 650-325-5600
or email

Click here to learn more about David Gates.


Who’s yer uncle?

Bob’s yer uncle.

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