Rhymes With Taco …

Yes, tomorrow night’s First Friday event at our Monte Bello Estate is indeed going to be a special affair; after  all, a rare three-vintage vertical of the already-elusive Carmichael doth not row down thy river very often …

(For more about this special vertical tasting opportunity, please click here)

But that ain’t all the tasting that’s fit to pour!

We’ll also be sharing a very new, VERY elusive offering: the new vintage of our Mikulaco Chardonnay! 2011, to be exact …


2011 Ridge Vineyards Mikulaco Chardonnay

Not unlike the Yeti, many have heard its name, know its legend, ponder its existence. Few claim to have seen it, many have been confounded in their search. For some, a dream haunter, for others, a waking passion.

But for now, for all, for you.

2011 Chardonnay Mikulaco

100% Chardonnay

Winemaker Tasting Notes

Tart citrus fruits, green apple, lean, briny/sea salt & mineral. A perfect for pairing with hog island oysters and a baguette.

~The Mikulaco family came to Monte Bello in the late 1930s, and planted a small vineyard in 1982. Ridge began farming it in the mid-nineties, limiting crop yields to improve quality. Unusually cold weather in 2011 gripped the vineyard, delaying bud-break and bloom by a month; harvest was on October 17. Wholecluster pressed, the juice was sent to barrel for natural yeast primary fermentation. In spring, during malolactic, the barrels were stirred once a week. When blind-tasted with our estate parcels, the wine’s unique vineyard character was evident. Showing wonderfully scented cool-climate fruit and firm acid, the Mikulaco chardonnay will be at its best over the next three to five years. EB (9/12)~


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