#VineWatch13: Week 3!

As followers of this year’s special VineWatch series now know, Lytton Springs has joined our program, so to accommodate their schedule, we’ll now be posting  our dual-property VineWatch updates together on Mondays.

And with that said, may I present #VineWatch13: Week 3!

First, Monte Bello. I took this photo last night, just as the sun was about to drop below the horizon …


Such a lovely, beautiful, striking being; such an amazing, gravitas-laden, dignified and present entity; so alive, so real, so zen …

Winter seclusion:
once again I lean
against this post.


As to Lytton Springs, this shot was taken bright and early this morning …


Ah, what an amazing life you are!

My spring is just this:
a single bamboo shoot,
a willow branch.


That said, anybody notice anything different about our beautiful Lytton vine?

Compare against last week’s shot:


Can  you see the difference? Yes! It’s been pruned!

We’ll talk more about pruning in the coming days (for some antecedental detail on this amazing — and amazingly impactful — process, please click here and here), but suffice it to say there are few endeavors more important to the long-term health, development, and success of a vine than pruning; it is something so specialized, and requires such great and intimate knowledge, that only the most experienced, most mojo-laden, most connected, vibrating, and in-touch individuals can do it; shamans of the vine, they are, and they’ve done beautiful work with our precious ol’ gnarly Lytton baby …

As to our vine here at Monte Bello, pruning day is just around the corner; who knows, by the time of next week’s photo, we may be looking at an altogether different look!

And until then, all the best to everyone, from #VineWatch13!


Please stay tuned as we follow our lovely vines through the 2013 vintage!

We’re only three weeks in so far, but for a quick look back, please enjoy the links below:

Week 2-Lytton Springs

Week 2-Monte Bello

Week 1

(if you’re following #RidgeVineyards on Twitter, you can also track VineWatch 2013 by specifically filtering for the following hashtag: #VineWatch13)

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