#VineWatch13: Week 2, The Lytton Springs Debut!

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you, making its debut on the VineWatch 2013 stage, direct from Row 4 of the North Flat, our Lytton Springs 2013 VineWatch vine!

Would you join me please, as we welcome …


That’s right folks, per the vision of VineWatch, we’ll be watching this lovely old zinfandel vine as, Monday by Monday by Monday, it marches gracefully onwards towards its eventual harvest day!

Have you been to our Lytton Springs facility before? Next time you’re there, take a moment to step out the side door to the vineyard terrace. Breathe in the crisp, clean air, and then send your eyes on an angle out to the right. No, a little more right … Yes, that’s it. No, farther. Farther, farther, NO! That’s too far. Back, back, yes, that’s it! Do you see it? Yes? Do you see it? That’s it! That’s the vine!


Please stay tuned as we follow our lovely vines through the 2013 vintage!

We’re only two weeks in so far, but for a quick look back, please enjoy the links below:

Week 2-Monte Bello

Week 1

(if you’re following #RidgeVineyards on Twitter, you can also track VineWatch 2013 by specifically filtering for the following hashtag: #VineWatch13)

And for a bit of historical context, you can find the full run-down on the original VineWatch series here:


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  1. Reblogged this on Wine in Tampa and commented:
    Watch the progress of this vine as it progresses to its final destination of harvest day. Just the kind of thing that wine geeks like me eat up! Thanks to the folks at Ridge.

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