VineWatch: Week 2

You could not have picked a more different day to shoot a Week 2 VineWatch photo:


Just an absolutely beautiful day on the mountain, though very, very cold!

In fact, we actually had snow on the upper vineyards just the other day:


And to answer a question that came up often as this picture first circulated, the snow isn’t at all bad for the vines; in fact, it’s actually good that it’s so cold. The vines are dormant right now, and they should be. They need to be. Because it is during dormancy that the vines store up the vital carbohydrates they’ll need to see them successfully through the coming growing season. And so the snow is good, because it essentially tells the vine to stay dormant. Warm weather at this time of year can actually be a real problem; a false spring can trigger a premature end to dormancy, which then sabotages the vine’s ability to store up the carbs it needs. Snow, on the other hand, helps ensures full dormancy, which is what the vines need right now.

But back to VineWatch! If you’re not familiar, you can find the full run-down on the original VineWatch series here:

And please stay tuned as we follow our lovely vine this year, onwards towards its eventual, as-of-yet-to-be-determined harvest day! We’re only two weeks in so far, but for a look back at Week 1, please click below:

Week 1

And here’s perhaps the biggest and best news of all; starting tomorrow, Lytton Springs will be joining VineWatch as well! So we’ll have not one, but TWO wonderful vines to track through the season!

Meaning, stay tuned for tomorrow’s debut of the Lytton vine!

(if you’re following #RidgeVineyards on Twitter, you can track VineWatch 2013 by specifically filtering for the following hashtag: #VineWatch13)

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