On A Mountain, You Can See A Vine Forever: The Long Overdue Return of VineWatch!

Back in 2010, on this blog, we engaged in what proved to be a genuinely fascinating enterprise, something we called VineWatch. Essentially, in simplest form, we selected a vine, and visually tracked its progress through the growing season. The whole thing started really as a bit of fun, but by the end of it all, I think all concerned were really and truly emotionally invested in the vine’s development, and deeply excited when harvest day finally came.

For whatever reason, however, it was an endeavor we neglected to replicate in the ensuing vintages.

But now, at this, the dawning of the new year, I am extremely happy to announce the re-inauguration of this very special series: behold VineWatch 2013!


For the full run-down on the original VineWatch series, please click here:


And please stay tuned as we follow our lovely vine, Sunday by Sunday, from today onwards towards its eventual, as-of-yet-to-be-determined harvest day!

(if you’re following #RidgeVineyards on Twitter, you can track VineWatch 2013 by specifically filtering for the following hashtag: #VineWatch13)

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