A New Year, A New Syrah, A New First Friday!

Ah, 2013!

Lucky 13!


If one is searching for harbingers of hope early on in this newborn year, one need not look much farther than this Friday at Monte Bello. Or should I say, FIRST Friday …

That’s right folks, the first First Friday of the new year is THIS Friday, and we’ve got the perfect wine to celebrate!

If the event is the harbinger, then surely the wine is the quintessence, and for oeno-emblemation, one need look no further than our viculturally apotheotic sanctorium to the north, Lytton Springs, from the vineyards of which emerges the 2008 Lytton Estate Syrah!

The 2008 Lytton Estate Syrah is the January ATP release, and we’ll be showcasing it at First Friday, this Friday!

And you, you simply MUST taste this wine!

For more about the very special event, please click here:


and do please remember, this is a Member Event, so if you’ve not yet become kin with our kin, you ‘kin do so by clicking here:


And for more about this highly-anticipated wine, read on!

Ridge has just over three acres of fully mature syrah and three and a half acres of younger vines at Lytton Springs West. These parcels are situated in the well-drained Sites soil on the bench overlooking Norton Creek. Since 1996, we have produced limited amounts for the Advance Tasting Program (ATP). Over time, the consistent quality showed syrah to be perfectly matched to the climate and soil of Lytton Estate. As in the past, the 2008 vintage was co-fermented with a small amount of viognier from an adjacent parcel. Following harvest, it was assembled, in blind tasting, from the most intense and distinct lots.

Key words/terms to extrapolate from the above? I’ll go with “consistent quality,” most intense” and “distinct!”

To read more about membership with Ridge Vineyards, please click here:


And to delve deeper into the world of the 2008 Lytton Estate Syrah (including an unprecedentedly transparent description of our minimalist winemaking techniques!), please click here:


Hope to see you this Friday at our Monte Bello Estate!


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