The Weird & Wacky World of Search Engine Terms: the 2012s …

If ever you wanted proof that the world of wine is an all-inclusive one, full of flavor, color, and the democracies of passion, one need look no farther than the following, which is essentially a Top 10 list of search engine terms that served to refer individuals to our blog in 2012:

nadia g

18th amendment

days of wine and roses

federico garcia lorca


thelonious monk


jack kerouac

ridge wine blog


Not so very bad, no?

Now, dig the following, which is my own list of the somewhat rather more … ahem … unusual terms:

Abeja Winery Pizza Oven

Husker Du

Black Friday Funnies

John Dillinger

Goofy Drawings

Steve Martin The Jerk

Love And Rockets

Camaro 79

Bruce Banner Walking Away

The Nothing

Three Plays For A Negro Theater

Unbalanced Scales

Georgia O’ Keefe Desert Paintings

Bukowski Drinking

Dukakis Tank

Town Called Malice

Abraham Lincoln Again In Office


Ralph Kramden


And, my second runner-up for personal favorite:

Weed Bong

And then my official runner-up for personal favorite:

Cartoon Birthday Penguins

and then , my super personal favorite

Mushroom Body.

Now, when I Google “Mushroom Body” I get this:


But other folks are apparently getting this blog.

Don’t know what search engine that is, but it’s certainly a groovy one …

And, with that, cheers to a lovely, albeit eccentric, 2012!

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  1. Fugazi and Husker Du. Exactly how I found this blog in the first place.
    Great post, Christopher.

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