December 17th

Greetings all,

Just a quick and practical letter to everyone; while I concede I am prone to the occasional bout of long-windedness on this blog, I do pride myself on at least occasionally offering a somewhat more concretized and tangible set of benefits to the reader, and this is one such occasion in which I wish to drop some solid and practical science:

To wit, and for your reference, if you wish to send Ridge wines to anyone for the holidays, it is important that you place your order by December 17th (at least, if you wish your gift to arrive by the 25th, for that Xmas sort of feeling …).


Now, the 17th of December, while selected in this incidence essentially for logistical reasons, actually has some tangentially interesting relevance as regards wine and its myriad worlds.

For example, it was on this date back in 1777 that France officially recognized The United States of America. An event they may or may not have come to regret. (See: Phylloxera and The Judgment of Paris!).

1976: The Judgment of Paris

1976: The Judgment of Paris

Going a bit farther back into the weaving mists of time, it is worth noting that December 17th also marks the passing from this mortal realm of the very great mystical poet Rumi, for whom wine was a deep and powerful symbol greatly weighted with spiritual significance.



Drink the wine that moves you
as a camel moves when it’s been untied,
and is just ambling about.

December 17th was also the very first performance of Franz Schubert’s masterwork “Unfinished Symphony”; the very same Franz Schubert who famously, somewhat morbidly, and arguably unknowingly, toasted his own impending death with a glass of wine in the hours just after Beethoven’s funeral; a funeral at which he was a torchbearer!


from “Unfinished Symphony” by Franz Schubert

December 17th was also the date, back in 2010, that we lost the inimitable Captain Beefheart, eulogized on this blog here:

And December 17th is also, of course, Saturnalia; a wine holiday if ever there was one! Bacchus, and all that …

And lastly, December 17th was the date, back in 1989, that the first full-length episode of The Simpsons aired on US television, introducing so many of us to one Homer Simpson, who, famously or infamously (depending), both forgot how to drive after taking a home-winemaking course, and drank his yearly salary in a single bottle unceremoniously extracted from the cellars of one Mr. Burns!

The point being, is that December 17th really shouldn’t be too hard a date to remember.

December 17th.


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  1. Bravo! Great riff on 17

    Have u had the pleasure of dining at Portola Kitchen in Ladera shopping center on Alpine Road just into Portola Valley? Chef Guillaume came from Marche and does mean pastas and much more, all excellent and is a big fan of Monte Bello Wish we could give him a plug. Maybe I’ll go on Yelp Happy holly days Maureen

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