Wine Bloggers: Horses or Unicorns?

Are wine bloggers real like horses, or myth like unicorns?


Are they hard science, or do they live free in an egalitarian paradise rich with ever-living redwood trees from which parachute little green elves who sprinkle fairy dust made of gold into needy people’s empty pockets?

Are they a big deal, or Bigfoot?

Sasquatch! (aka Bigfoot)

Sasquatch! (aka Bigfoot)

And if they ARE real, what do they DO?

Well, now is your chance to find out!

In a move of unprecedented moxie, for the final Wine Bloggers Tasting of 2012, we are saving exactly ONE SEAT at the tasting table for a Non-Blogger, or NoBlo, for short.

If you’re a NoBlo, but are interested in what goes on in the land of Unicorns and Monte Bello, we are interested in speaking with you!

To “apply” for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, please comment on this post (your comment will be kept hidden), with a few lines about yourself, and why you’re interested in this Sasquatchian fortuity.

We look very forward to hearing from our beloved NoBlo bretheren!

For more information about our Wine Bloggers Tasting series:

Not Operating

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