Occupy Lucky, and join Ridge Vineyards at 1313 Main Street for Winemaker Wednesday!

Lucky 13 none times:


Lucky 13 one time:


Lucky 13 two times:


That’s one more lucky.

Making 1313 Main Street a wonderful place to be.

Which is why we’re going there.

Because we’re all about Main Street, not Wall Street.

Meaning, Ridge Vineyards is going to 1313 Main Street.

Because we’re lucky.

And you can join us.

Making you lucky too.

One more lucky.

What I’m talking about … is this:

1313 Main, Winemaker Wednesday, featuring Ridge Vineyards

When: Wednesday, December 12, 6-8pm

Where: 1313 Main St., Napa, CA

Cost:  $25

And what I’m talking about … is this:

” … A state of the art wine bar and tasting lounge located in downtown Napa, featuring almost 50 wines by the glass, and a bottle selection of over 1,000 wines, boasting nearly 6,000 square feet of bar and lounge space …”

And what I’m saying is …Word.

And what will Ridge be pouring at 1313 Main Street?

Ridge Vineyards 2008 Geyserville
(quite possibly my personal favorite vintage of Geyserville from The Oughts …)

Ridge Vineyards 2007 Monte Bello
(a very special library release, most recently showcased at First Friday: http://bit.ly/SKsXNI)

Ridge Vineyards 2010 Paso Robles Zinfandel
(by a hand vote, possibly the Monte Bello Tasting Room staff’s favorite Oughts vintage of the Paso …)

That’s three kinds of lucky.

That’s Occupy Lucky.

Main Street. Not Wall Street.

Occupy Lucky.

For more about this fantabuloso event, please click the calendar below:


Winemaker Wednesday & Ridge Vineyards. That’s lucky, twice.


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