What Is The Sound Of Drinking Red Wine? What Is The Melody Of Pleasure?

Black notes, across staves, making their waltzes.

Attempting, as do coopers

with their plied and blackened staves,

to surround immortal soul

with resolution.


What is the sound of drinking red wine?

What is the melody of pleasure?

In that faultless gasp of gaiety

where swindlers swindle swindlers

with their smiles and wet decanters

is the sound of sweetest life,

is the taste of finest wine,

is the kiss of warmest lips,

is the song of Nino Rota.

It’s December 3rd tonight,

and we remember Nino Rota;

he, who gave us, with his song,

the sound of heaven

as the flawed with hearts of faith

might well imagine it.


Your birthday, Nino Rota;

and we’re remembering the road,

grateful to have found your footprints there.

Like notes upon a stave,

waltzing onwards

towards the singing

of the angels.

Nino Rota, (December 3, 1911 – April 10, 1979)

Nino Rota, (December 3, 1911 – April 10, 1979)

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