The Top 100s are coming!

This time of year can be quite a hoot if you’ve got a bit of time for some extra reading; it’s the time of the Top 100s, and they’re already coming. Some of them are humorous, some are ridiculous, some are vital, some are niche-y, and a great many can be truly informative.

I often find that the relevance of a Top 100 list tends to function as a referendum on the relevance of the list-maker themselves; meaning, I tend to read the lists from the writers I like best.

In my field — the world of wine — there are quite a few writers & publications whose End-of-Year Lists I truly anticipate. Some of this is personal; it should come as no surprise that I enjoy wine, and these lists have often sent new offerings across my bow that I might otherwise have failed to discover.

Some of this is of course professional as well; I like to see when and where our wines place.

Jon Bonné is one of those reviewers whose year-end lists really are something to look forward to. He’s insightful, erudite, thorough, and perhaps best of all, he takes his job seriously. I don’t often drop the word “professional,” and I try and never use the term lightly — it’s a concept I hold particularly dear — but Jon really is a pro. And for whatever my two cents are worth, that’s high praise.

So it was with some degree of excitement that I began combing through the lists he’s just released, and given my esteem for the man, you can imagine my pleasure when I read the following (in regards to our 2009 Ridge Vineyards Monte Bello):

“Quite simply, one of the best California Cabernet-based wines I’ve ever had”

Those last three words are especially noteworthy; Jon has tried a great many California Cabernet-based wines (in his capacity as the wine editor for the SF Chronicle)!

To read the rest of Jon’s Top 100s, please follow the following link:

And it’s worth noting that, while the “official” retail allocation of the 2009 Monte Bello is now sold through, you can in fact still purchase it via our Holiday Gift Offerings.

I don’t mean to be shameless with the plug, but this is a pretty special wine, at a pretty special price, and, well, you’re pretty special.

I’m just sayin’. It’s Monte Bello Time.


Monte Bello Gift Pack

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