First Friday is gettin’ Hectic, it’s gettin’ Wild …

As KRS-One noted in The Urge, it’s gettin hectic, it’s gettin’ crazy, it’s gettin’ hectic, it’s gettin’ wild.

And clearly he had the December First Friday in mind.

Smart individual, KRS-One …


But back to First Friday, which, as you’re surely seeing with each ensuing blog-esconsed revelation, is indeed going to be quite an affair.

We’ve discussed the culinary component a great deal already …

… so now, a bit of a word or two as regards the wine aspect.

As you know, it’s the holidays. And as you also likely know, the holidays mean special Gift Offerings from Ridge Vineyards. And special Gift Offerings from Ridge Vineyards means special wines to showcase. And special wines to showcase means a special event. And a special event is First Friday.

Accordingly, we’ve selected some especially ambrosial aromatica for your sensory perusal, with an especial focus on wines culled from the rosters of our Gift Offerings.

For example, what if I told you we were going to pour one of the wines from the following titillatingly temptational triumverate of tastiness?


Estate Cabernet Vertical Gift Pack

You’d be happy, right?

And now perhaps you might also appreciate the following oeno- aperçu …


P.S., I Love You Gift Pack

T’would be rather a treat were we to pour one of these wee lovelies as well, no? Well, we shall!

And no event ON Monte Bello would be complete without Monte Bello, would it?


Thus …


Monte Bello Gift Pack

Ah, December First Friday. You so hectic. You so wild.

Have you RSVP’d yet? If not, you may wish to consider pursuance of the following link:

And do remember, this is indeed a Member Event.

Not a member? Then you may wish to consider pursuance of the following link:

Please join us for the December First Friday. If nothing else, we can at least celebrate the December 7th birthday of Rudolf Frimi!


After all, Frimi gave us the great operetta The Vagabond King, which includes “Drinking Song (A Flagon of Wine),” from which comes the following lyric:

Lay me to snooze in the mud and the ooze
With plenty of booze to warm me
I’ll dream of a crown and an ermine gown
And kings bowing down before me
Give me wine as I ask for wine
And the wealth of the world is mine, all mine

So what care I for a purse of gold
For blood that is old and blue
A noble name or a royal fame
When a flagon of wine wil do
A flagon of wine
A gallon of wine
A barrel of wine will do
An ocean of wine will do

Ah, December First Friday. So hectic. So wild.

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