Scotch Quail Eggs with Romesco Aioli, He Said …

You may or may not have noticed something in a recent post on this blog; that something being my espoused affection for those opportunities when I find myself legitimately having the opportunity to deploy the term “culinarily companionable.”

Said espousement was one of many expressions of gratitude to be found in my annual “Things I’m Thankful For” post; a post which tends to run longish. So you’re forgiven if you missed it on the scroll.

Anyhow, today is one of those days when I am afforded the opportunity to deploy the term, because on my agenda today is a meeting during which I’ll be called upon to contribute perspective as regards the relative culinary companionability of a number of dishes, vis-a-vis our wines.

The raison d’être for this meeting is another something, a something also recently touched upon on this blog; that something being the upcoming December First Friday. Which is going to be, per said previous post, The Bomb.

Why so Bombly?

Because of the wine, because of the food, and because of who will be masterminding the pairings.

So, I will be with these masterminds today, and we’ll ostensibly be finalizing the pairings over the course of our meeting.

In fact, I’ve just checked in on them, and when I did so, I found this:

And quite near the above, I found this:

All of which leads me to believe that our masterminds are, in fact, en route to preparing a real-life rendition of this:

Coconut-Kobocha Soup with corn tuile

Smoked Mushroom Bao Buns

‘Scotch’ Quail Eggs with Romesco Aioli

Duck Rillette on Crostini with Persimmon Mostarda

Asian BBQ Pork Belly skewers

Which is the current “draft” of the menu (“draft” meaning anything, of course, could change at any time!) we are proposing to lay before our guests for the December First Friday.

Which is, if you follow, The Bomb.

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