This Weekend’s Post-Harvest Celebration Tasting: Who’s Hosting, & What We’re Tasting!

(Spoiler Alert: There is information detailed below that will quite likely lead you to really, really, really wish you’d made a reservation for this special tasting. So I’m going to briefly open up the bookings for a couple of extra seats. To book now, just proceed to the bottom of this post! And then come back and read what you missed, of course …)


As you may recall, we’re hosting a very special set of tastings this weekend at Monte Bello:

In honor of Harvest 2012’s successful completion, Ridge Vineyards is staging a very special Post-Harvest Celebration Tasting at our Monte Bello Estate, on November 10th and 11th, at 1pm each day.

This unique tasting experience will feature:

—A brief talk from (and Q & A session with) a key member of our Monte Bello Vineyard Team

—A multi-media presentation from a staff member embedded with the Vineyard Teams

—A five-wine Single-Vineyard Estate flight that concludes with a very special library offering

Space is very limited for this sure-to-be-memorable tasting, so we encourage you to book early!

Here are the event specifics:

What: Post-Harvest Celebration Tasting

Where: Monte Bello

When: November 10th & 11th, 1pm

Availability: Extremely limited

Cost: $30/person (members receive a 20% discount)

And I am now very happy to unveil some additional details!

First off, one of these very important people is going to be one of your very important hosts!

David Gates, Ridge Vineyards VP of Vineyard Operations

Kyle Theriot, Monte Bello Viticulturist

And now, on to another important detail unveiled!

One of these very special wines is going to be part of your very special tasting:

Torre Ranch Merlot, Historic Vineyard Series

2009 Monte Bello (98 points, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate)

1992 Monte Bello (375ml). Very rare library offering!

Snap! They’re ALL going to be part of this very special tasting!

May I present the booking details?

To book your place at the tasting table, please use our online reservations system, found here:

And if you have any trouble online, or just prefer the written word or the human touch, please feel free to either:

a) e-mail

b) call 408.868.1319

Cheers! We look forward to hosting  you this weekend!

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  1. Arrrrrgh! This is torture!! Wish we could be there, but I work at a winery too so no weekends off! Can’t wait for our Ridge shipment to arrive next week!!!! Hoping to get back to CA next year 🙂

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