Live Virtual Tasting: Part II, The Link!

Live Virtual Tasting!

It’s droppin, hoppin’, poppin, and never-stoppin’!

It’s live, it’s lit, this is it, no quit!

It’s in the place, the space, a taste for your face!

It’s up, it’s on, it’s on the lawn like John Pecan!

It’s ever-present, omni-present, holiday-present, pheasant of a peasant tailfeather fair weather no tether with or whether black leather white lace in the space!

Meaning, the livestream link is up!

Wish to dig the Virtual tonight? Click a move to the groove of the vine offline, and await the fate of the date gone great as the great grape elates the states!

Meaning, it’s offline now, but the wow of the pow will take a bow in the Tao of the now before you know it, so don’t blow it, rather mine it, vine it, design it, and divine it, cuz the planet says plan it, Janet!

6PM, Pacific Standard Time, The Live Virtual Tasting DROPS!

The Link:

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1 reply

  1. Christopher is on it! He’s winging it, signing it, bringing it!

    Up on the hill they’ll be doing the drill, glasses they’ll fill – and it’s definitely not swill! Ridge is the best, riding the crest, forget about the rest!

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