Live Virtual Tasting, And YOU’RE Invited! 11.2.12, 6pm, PST …

Ever wanted to ask winemaker Paul Draper a direct question about “wild” yeast?

Ever thought it’d be nice to discuss submerged caps with winemaker Eric Baugher?

Ever wondered aloud as to how winemaker John Olney feels about pump-overs?

Well, now’s your chance to get these answers sorted out once and for all!

Tomorrow night (Friday, November 2nd), at 6pm Pacific Standard Time, we’ll be opening up our virtual visual phone lines and allowing YOU to engage directly with our winemaking team as they taste through a 6-wine flight of new releases!

How do you become a part of this INTERSTELLAR experience? Simple! Just follow me, and I’ll lead you through …

First, register here:

All done? Good! Next, just go to our homepage tomorrow
and you’ll see the link for the LiveStream!

And there’s more! Want to taste along WITH our winemakers? Awesome! Just click here
and download our custom Tasting Mat! Now you’re in the game!

If this is all a little overwhelming, even confusing, I’m here to help. In fact, here’s a little schematic to help illustrate how this all works:

See you in the web-o-sphere!

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3 replies

  1. 6 PM PST. Hm, that’s 3 AM in Sweden. Inconvenient but not indecent. See you tonight!

  2. Christopher,
    That is the best illustration of a virtual event I’ve ever seen! I’m excited to participate – can’t wait to join Snoopy and others!
    PS Brad might want to borrow this diagram for a presentation – Cisco makes those “inter-webby cable thingies”!

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