if you watch just ONE ridge vineyards video …

If you watch just ONE #harvest2012 Ridge Vineyards video, please let it be this one.

If you watch just ONE Ridge Vineyards video total, please let it be this one.

If you watch just ONE video today, please; let it be this one!

I’ve never watched anything like this. I must have reviewed the footage a thousand times over in the process of editing it together, and I’m still enraptured. Admittedly, I find harvest fascinating to begin with, but experiencing it like this constitutes “firsthand” knowledge in previously unimaginable fashion.

It’s just video, admittedly. And it’s been YouTube’d at that. And you may watch it on as small a format as your phone’s screen. I’ve watched it that way too. And I’m still flabbergasted.

I write often of intersections on this blog; technique and soul, craft and mojo; discipline and magic.

This is it.

Canopy Cam.

Man, I’ve NEVER seen anything like that! What an unbelievable perspective; what a way to experience the truly ferocious excellence of harvest in serious, serious action! Whoever invented the GoPro is a bloody genius …

In all honesty, I hope, after watching the footage above, you’ll join me in a humble appreciation of the unbelievably focused, fierce, fiery, and fantastic work that the vineyard teams perform. And I hope, the next time you enjoy a glass of wine from Ridge Vineyards, you’ll remember those teams in your toasts, and that your wine will taste just even a little bit more excellent; that it will taste of passion, of devotion, of honor.

That it will taste … delicious.


Feel it.

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6 replies

  1. First of all, I love Ridge wines! Second of all, holy moly that was amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a refined operation – it seems like carefully controlled chaos and I just love it. Additionally, I’m a sucker for stuff like this. As I always remind my fellow wine-loving friends, wine is first and foremost an agricultural act, and we it’s good to see some of that process in action. Thank you for an informative and fascinating video!

  2. Amazing footage and very cool!
    I’m blown away by how much a team can pick!

  3. Thanks for sharing this amazing footage. I will definitely drink a toast to those who pick the grapes so that great wines can be made.

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