The Winemaker Always Rings Twice: A First Friday Mystery

What if I were to say to you, here is a group of wines:

2009 Ridge Vineyards Estate Merlot

2010 Ridge Vineyards Pagani Ranch Zinfandel

2010 Ridge Vineyards Ponzo Zinfandel

2010 Ridge Vineyards Lytton Springs

2004 Ridge Vineyards Oltranti Zinfandel

2006 Ridge Vineyards Nervo Zinfandel

2003 Ridge Vineyards Independence School Zinfandel

And what if I were to present this as a mystery to you, with the mystery being, What unites these wines? What explains why these wines, in this order?

And what if you were to come to First Friday at Monte Bello tomorrow, ready to deduct, to deduce, to decipher?

And what if you solved the mystery?

I wonder what would happen …

A Clue:

The Winemaker’s Ring is not ALL that happens twice …

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