#Harvest2012-Dateline Lytton Springs: The Zin is In!



Zin in Bin.

Zin is in the Bin.

Zin is In!

The 2nd of October was a momentous day in the history of #Harvest2012. On this day, the first Zinfandel came in from the Lytton Springs vineyards!

The verdict?

Lytton Springs Winemaker John Olney is a straight-talkin’ fella; he doesn’t always say much, but what he says always comes right from the hip. When I asked him about the quality/character of the fruit …

“So far the fruit looks and tastes great … Sugar levels are manageable, color abundant, fermentations a bit timid but steady. Overall thumbs up.”

For John, that qualifies as prose most purple.

Be excited. Be very excited.

John said one additional thing that merits special attention. After noting that the fruit looks and tastes great, John said:

“All the credit for that goes to the vineyard team.”

I wish to join John in acknowledging the extraordinary contributions these amazing individuals so consistently make.

No one works harder …

and no one enacts in more tangible fashion the singularly symbiotic relationship that exists between people and the land …

Blistering heat. Backbreaking work. Impossible timelines, impossible pressure. Yet still, a smile. A big, huge, this-is-the-real-magic smile.

Will Thomas, Lytton Springs Viticulturist

Three cheers for you Will Thomas, and three cheers for the whole vineyard team. What tremendous work you’re doing!


Feel it.

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