Harvesting Cabernet Sauvingon on Monte Bello! #Harvest2012

It’s been a very exciting morning on the mountain; Cabernet is coming in!

The team has been out in what we colloquially refer to as “the middle vineyards”; historically, the old Torre property. Experientially, you might likely know it as the vineyards that essentially surround the Monte Bello Tasting Room.

To map it out a bit for you, have a look at our Vineyard Flyover Map.

(This is a really great resource, by the way, and fascinating way to experience the singularities of Monte Bello; I heartily encourage you to check it out if you haven’t yet done so!)

Here is an aerial rendering of the middle vineyards:

The team was out in the blocks below the tasting room, and fortunately, Amy Monroe was with them this morning, and was able to capture some fantastic images. She was with them as they moved through a large, nearly 3-acre block that shows on the aerial as “Fosters F4,” but which is commonly referred to as “The Cliff.” You can see its location here:

And here is a beautiful compendium of shots from this morning’s pick. Enjoy!

(p.s. stay tuned for upcoming video footage as well!)

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2 replies

  1. Christopher,
    Those maps/satellite photos of Torre are absolutely superb. Exactly the kind of stuff us Ridge geeks go ape over. Those, including the ones for Klein and Perrone and Rustoun should be put up on the Ridge WebSite. Maybe even ones for Geyserville and LyttonSprings. Maybe even for vonWeidlich and Eschen. Ha…fat chance.
    My compliments to whomver did the software work to create those maps.

  2. Christopher, thanks for this post. I’m imagining these grapes as they go through the next part of their journey. What an amazing process making wine is.

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