Block Rockin’ East …

Back with another one of those Block Rockin’ Easts!

You were there diggin’ Block 3. You know all about it!

(#Harvest2012: Please Approach The Bench!)

Now, it’s time to rock Blocks 1, 4 & 5 …

and this time, EVERYONE is getting into the action!

Our auteur behind the lens for this edition of GuerillaVineTheater is none other than David Amadia, our VP of Sales & Marketing, seen here with Lytton Springs winemaker John Olney, in advance of having a crack at running the bin dump crane:

And here’s the rough mix of his chronicles — Vine to Winery — Block Rockin’ East …

That’s one of the things I really love about Ridge Vineyards; everyone, and I MEAN everyone, gets invested in the winemaking process.

Maybe you work in a wine shop. Or maybe you’re a consumer of wine. Perhaps you’re attending a wine dinner. Or maybe taking a class about wine. Whatever it is, just remember that when you see that Wine Educator, that Wine Salesperson, that Winery Representative, coming through the door, and they’re well-dressed, and their socks match, and they’re rockin’ high-brow/lo-brow-sophisticate footwear, and their pomade is sparklin’, and their horn-rims are layin’ just right, just remember, just remember, that that lil’ speck of rust-colored somethin’ that you see spacklin’ a cuff, just remember that ain’t laundry fluff, or a loose thread, or a croissant crumb. That’s vineyard dust, baby …

Left to right, that’s Mike Torino, Dan Buckler, and Christina Donley. They’re our Regional Sales Managers, and if you’ve got a good wine shop in your town, they’ll be there. Block Rockin’, authentically …

Congratulations to John Olney, and to Will Thomas, our Lytton Springs viticulturist, and to the entire Lytton Springs team, for another great pick!

#Harvest2012. Feel it.

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