#Harvest2012 comes to the Jimsomare Ranch!


Amongst friends, fans, followers, and family of Ridge Vineyards, the name is a resonant one.


The vineyard was originally planted by Pierre Klein, an Alsatian who came to California in 1875. In 1888, he purchased 160 acres on Monte Bello Ridge; a property now known as the Jimsomare Ranch. Initially, he planted Bordeaux varieties on their own roots. But when phylloxera attacked his vines after the turn of the century, he did not replant. Retiring in 1910, he sold the property in 1913. In 1936, it was purchased by the Schwabacher family of San Francisco, who renamed the property “Jimsomare” from their names: Jim, Sophie, Marie. Although Klein’s Bordeaux varietals had died out, a small nineteenth-century zinfandel vineyard survived. Ridge bought those grapes, and made its first Jimsomare Zinfandel in 1968. Ridge then convinced the family to replant the Bordeaux varietals, plus a small amount of chardonnay. In exchange, Ridge provided rootstock, and a promise to purchase the grapes. The first cabernet bottling was in 1978. By the late 1990s, Ridge acquired the long-term least to the property, and took over all aspects of day-to-day farming. Today, Ridge farms this original Klein property as part of its Monte Bello Estate.


It might as well mean “beauty” in some exotic romance language …

The chardonnay pick began essentially at dawn’s early light, the morning of September 21st.  A long morning awaited; a long journey from this …

to this …

to this …

but the team was ready …

Harvesting a property like Monte Bello is no easy feat. The slopes are steep, the ground is rough, the vines are wild. This team knows its business, and there is nobody better.

They are an extraordinarily supportive and giving group as well, always willing to let us tag along; to watch, to learn, to admire. And ultimately, to share. Our own Amy Monroe joined the team on this gorgeous mountain morning, and returned some extraordinary footage of the action. Please enjoy …

Congratulations to our VP of Vineyard Operations David Gates …

and our Monte Bello Viticulturist Kyle Theriot …

It’s been a great harvest so far, and things are only getting better.

#Harvest2012. Feel it.

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  1. I love Jimsomare Chardonnay, and it’s so lovely to have this background on where it comes from. I had driven (and biked!) by the entrance countless times, but I didn’t know the whole story.

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