#Harvest2012, Please Approach The Bench!

Father East Bench

Had Seven Blocks

Seven Blocks Had Father East Bench

And they never laughed

And they never cried

All they did was go like this

With a …

And a …

That’s right folks, #Harvest2012 has come to East Bench! All seven blocks worth.

And you might ask, what are the names of those special seven blocks?

Perhaps something biblical …

–Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges

“Where do we start?”

“Let’s hit the Numbers Block first. After that, Deuteronomy!”

Or maybe some obscure vineyard coding system …

–chx4214, rmg4545, rrr933, qpq024, odi567, bvv000, gfd789

Or perhaps the first seven songs off of Exile On Main Street …

–Rocks Off, Rip This Joint, Shake Your Hips, Casino Boogie, Tumbling Dice, Sweet Virginia, Torn And Frayed

That’d be excellent! “Ok everyone, let’s get the zin from the Sweet Virginia block!”

Truth be told, the names aren’t that exciting. They’re … um … numerical. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

That said, I have really good news!

John Olney, our VP of Winemaking up at Lytton Springs, told me that the 2012 Block 3 was “the best looking Block 3 I’ve seen yet.” Which is significant, because Block 3’s rates of PH vs. Sugar development have proven challenging in the past.

So, if even Block Three is doing well …

You dig my drift. 2012 is poppin’.

Congratulations to a great pick everyone! Judges are smiling on The Bench!

#Harvest2012. Feel it.

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