Saint Coltrane

It’s not the theme (we’ve most definitely done Wine & Jazz already!), but I do find it rather auspicious that our Wine Bloggers Tasting today is taking place on the anniversary of John Coltrane’s birth.

Here you have skill. And here you have passion. And here you have technique. And here you have mojo. Here you have practice. And here you have soul. And here you have discipline. And here you have juju.

And here you have the wild and raging heart of a madly passionate demigod crashing through the ragged nocturnal bramble of a midnight forest, seeking light at the far edge of the imaginative horizon, craving flight into the blistering heavens of archangelic bliss and revelation.

And here you have John Coltrane.

And here you have the Holy Grail of Art, that be you painter, preacher, poet, prophet, mother, father, teacher, playwright, sculptor, dancer, winemaker, chef, doctor, lawyer, beggarman, thief, you should be aspiring to; the searing seam that bonds the brain to the heart, the soul to the mind, the love to the sex, the heavens to the oceans.

If your wingspan be wide enough that the tips of your yearning fingers can touch both life and death simultaneously, you just might drink the wine of the Trane.

Or, perhaps, make it.

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  1. beautiful prose from a great poet about an other worldly musician

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